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Dec 16

Fever Blisters

Fever blisters, also known as fever sores, and Herpes Simplex I, are caused a weakening of the bond between neighboring cells. This allows a vesicle of plasma or fluid to build up. Its short term trigger maybe too much sun, abrasion from constant rubbing such as wiping your nose and mouth after sneezing, an acute trauma such as a sharp piece of food or nailing yourself with a tooth brush, stress, or even a virus. Its long term cause is always insufficient tissue calcium.

We have found that the quickest treatment is restoring ionizable calcium levels to the tissues involved. This might include unpasteurized milk but certainly does not include pasteurized milk. Others may choose supplements.*

Generally, what we recommend is Calcium Lactate, the form of calcium in raw milk but in this case it is cultured from a yeast medium. It can be procured as either a pill or powder. The powder is more economical as a table spoon equals approximately 20 pills but must be mixed in a liquid. The pill is more convenient but quite a few must be consumed.

In one extreme case a patient in New Orleans had consumed a calcium pill or 2 every 15 minutes for about 24 hours. The medical doctor monitoring the case watched the sores seal over. He then developed the technique of using the Calcium Lactate as a topical. The calcium originally burns a little bit but then goes numb.

When the vesicle scab over it still takes a week to 10 days for them to disappear but they are pretty asymptomatic by that point. Fever blisters are a pretty good way to monitor what is going on with your calcium. Too much sun light causes the body to produce vitamin D3 which attracts calcium to the blood, and sufficient imbalances of it will actually take the calcium out of your tissues. It must be balanced with Vitamin F which releases calcium from the blood to the tissues.

Stay out of direct sun light, try to control your stress, and don’t keep touching or rubbing the blisters. This along with Calcium Lactate ingestion and/or topical application is usually sufficient. If it is not Vitamin F tablets can be indicated.

You can take the Calcium Lactate up to bowel tolerance. If you are taking the powder, put it into a warm beverage, preferably hot water and a table spoon or 2 of apple cider vinegar which also helps with calcium absorption. Nurse the liquid by drinking a little bit every hour over the next 24 hours or so. If you drink it in 1 shot, which is not recommended, get ready for your bowels to erupt. The Calcium Lactate recommended here has the proper ratio of calcium to magnesium for ideal assimilation and blood balance.

This technique is time proven to be both effective and safe.

*Among the calcium supplements the usual calcium carbonate (which is the material that makes up limestone, sidewalks and cataracts) can only reach the blood stream as ionized calcium by using up a most of the hydrochloric acid in your stomach.

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