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Dec 16

Fungal Nails

Non toxic treatment for fungal nails includes Chlorophyll, Tea Tree Oil, and the use of a sun lamp.

Chlorophyll is my first choice and is the easiest and safest. You apply chlorophyll ointment directly to the affected area. Be aware that real chlorophyll is oil soluble only and will stain anything it touches with a green pigment (water soluble chlorophyll which has a blue tint and does not stain permanently is ineffective). The chlorophyll should be applied twice daily. It also neutralizes guanidine, a very alkaline toxin which can cause itching and pain.

Tea Tree Oil is an Australian remedy that is quite effective. It is somewhat caustic so it should be used in as small amounts as is effective, and used primarily on the nail itself.

Both Chlorophyll and Tea Tree Oil are not effective if the nail is too thick. In these cases it may be necessary to file the nail down so the infected area can be contacted. Don’t file indiscriminately as this can cause problems with the nail bed.

A sun lamp is extremely effective in causing the body to create Vit D. This helps the white blood cells become more effective in combating disease, which is probably why people get more colds in the winter1 when they have less sun light. Quite independently, sun light in general and ultra violet rays in particular have a relatively powerful germicidal effect. Sun lamps or ultraviolet lamps should be used judiciously with the unit’s directions to be followed. Don’t use it too much and always protect your eyes.

Used separately or in tandem these methods are effective and unlike pharmaceutical agents do not produce toxic liver or kidney side effects.

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