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Dec 21

Osteoporosis-Decrease Bone Matrix

Guyton’s Textbook of Medical Physiology, 11th Edition

PP 991-992

Osteoporosis-Decrease Bone Matrix

“Osteoporosis is the most common of all bone diseases in adults, especially in old age. It is different from osteomalacia and rickets because it results form diminished organic bone matrix rather than from poor bone calcification…….

The many common causes of osteoporosis are (1) lack of physical stress on the bones because of inactivity; (2) malnutrition to the extent that sufficient protein matrix cannot be formed; (3) lack of vitamin C, which is necessary for the secretion of intercellular substances by all cells, including formation of osteoid by the osteoblasts; (4) postmenopausal lack of estrogen secretion because estrogens decrease the number and activity of osteoclasts; (5) old age, in which growth hormone and other growth factors diminish greatly, plus the fact that many of the protein anabolic functions also deteriorate with age, so that bone matrix cannot be deposited satisfactorily; (6) Cushing’s syndrome because massive quantities of glucorticoids secreted in this disease cause decreased deposition of protein throughout the body and increased catabolism of protein and have the specific effect of depressing osteoblastic activity. Thus many diseases of deficiency of protein metabolism can cause osteoporosis.”

Please note that although it effects women more than men, men have suffered from it. There are numerous defenses against that are safe and effective. The first is the use of proper foods that establish both the protein matrix of the bone and the bone salts themselves. Along these lines you have to have all the essential amino acids, all the bone minerals, and a favorable endocrine environment. Then you must stimulate the bone by stressing it mechanically thru weight training, that causes the bone to strengthen, a process known as Wolf’s Law. Additionally, the Russians during extended stays in space developed a vibrating platform that builds up bone. When all three of these techniques are used, the bone strength often increases, not just thickens, which could be argued is less important. Bone thickness is often measured because there is no good metrics for strength.

It has been my experience that many people that rated thick bones still had fractures, but if they developed strong bones, fractures were less likely. All these steps are considerably harder than just taking medication, but I think you’ll find the result well worth it.

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