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Dec 16

Proper Squats

The squat is quite possibly the finest single exercise there is, provided it is done right. Certain authorities have stated that all patients should be encouraged to do it.

The feet should stay parallel and approximately 12 to 18 inches apart, or more descriptively the distance of your shoulders. Your hands should be fully extended in front of you and directly by a chair. This has to be of sufficient mass to keep you upright in case you start to fall backward.

Stick your buttocks out and start descending slowly and smoothly. A metronome is recommended (set at 60 or andante which is 1 beat per second) and it should take approximately 10 seconds to complete your descent. Hold at the lowest point for 3 seconds and then straighten up over the next 7 seconds in a continuous and deliberate fashion. Repeat the process if you can.

The most important single provision is never let your knees go in front of your feet. This will cause knee pain and a host of other problems. Form is the most important aspect of this exercise. Never use gravity, momentum or accessory muscles to let you cheat while you are doing the squats. If you get to the point where you have to make faces while you are doing it, you are pushing yourself too hard. If you tend to sweat excessively have a fan on you set safely at a distance to cool you off.

Over a period of time you should be able to increase both your strength and stamina.

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